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A place of diversity

The council has always been a place of encounter and diversity. In its more than 600-year history, it served both as an important transshipment point for goods on their way to or from the south, and as the only place where a pope was elected in Germany. We are continuing this tradition of diversity: discover the fine cuisine of our restaurant, enjoy the view of the lake with a cool drink or, like King Siegmund once did, meet in the papal election hall.

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The most beautiful view of the lake

The council offers a unique location with a direct view of the lake, the Alps and the harbor including Imperia.


View of the Konstanz harbor

History of the building

Built between 1388 and 1391

At the height of its economic and political power, the city built a “department store” on the harbor in 1388 as a warehouse and transshipment center, today’s council building. It was built from 1388 to 1391 as a trading base with Italy by the city of Konstanz under the direction of foreman Arnold.

Council and election of Pope 1414 – 1418

In the years 1414 to 1418, the largest congress of the Middle Ages took place in Constance, the 16th ecomenical council to elect a pope. King Sigmund, the son of Charles IV, called the council to end the ecclesiastical schism. On November 11, 1417, after long debates, Cardinal Otto von Colonna was elected as Pope Martin V in the upper hall of the council building.

Renovation 1970

From 1968 to 1970, the council building was renovated and converted into a conference and festival building with sophisticated technology. But even today it still rests firmly on 14 huge oak supports. During the renovation, strict attention was paid to ensuring that the historical building structure was completely preserved and this is precisely what makes the “Council” so special today.